Standing With Briefcase Idle

The original animation was obtained from Adobe’s Mixamo animation library.

Reconstruction Performance

The 3D viewer presents the original animation (right-most, with orange indicator overhead) along with a series of animations constructed using Salient Poses. See the table below for further information.

Animation Total Frames Keyframes Compression Maximum Error (mm) Average Error (mm)
Compression 4 837 21 97.49% 5.06 1.25
Compression 3 837 42 94.98% 1.59 0.24
Compression 2 837 84 89.96% 0.54 0.07
Compression 1 837 167 80.05% 0.17 0.02
Original 837 837 00.00% 0.00 0.00


Approximation Error: Greedy vs Optimal

A comparison between Salient Poses and a greedy approximation algorithm showing how approximation error reduces as keyframes are added.

Reconstruction Accuracy: SP vs Maya vs PCA

A comparison of how effectively animations can be reconstructed over a range of compression levels using Salient Poses, PCA (over the poses, not the curves), and Maya’s Simplify Curves algorithm.


The time required for the algorithm to obtain a selection of N keyframes.